Contract language: Indemnification

The Indemnification Provision

In this blog post I want to discuss a provision that is in many contracts, but is easy to skip over.  This is the indemnification provision.  Indemnification is a big topic, far too big to discuss in detail in a blog post.  However, I want to highlight its importance so that when you see it in a contract, […]

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Paragraphs at the end of a contract

Paragraphs at end of contract

In my last post we reviewed a number of provisions that are found in many commercial contracts.  This post will define and discuss several more “boilerplate” provisions, as they can have an impact on your business relationships.

 Severability: These provisions usually read something like this: “if any provision of this agreement is held to be unenforceable, the […]

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Contract Boilerplate Information

 “Miscellaneous”, or “General” Provisions

You’ve read and signed lots of contracts in your business, either your own company’s or ones sent by the other side to a transaction.  Maybe you’ve been puzzled by those provisions that seem to be at the end of every contract, sometimes under the heading “Miscellaneous”, or “General.” The paragraphs have headings like severability, assignment, force majeure, […]

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