Cybersecurity: only concerns big companies?

Cybersecurity: isn’t that something only big companies have to worry about?

The answer is: no!  We’ve all read about recent cyber-attacks, in which hackers or foreign governments have broken into computer systems of large companies like Target and Chase Bank, stealing banking, personal and credit card information, as well as trade secrets. Sometimes even U.S. government agencies have been attacked, such […]

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Good blog post comparing startups vs. franchises

Comparing Startups and Franchises

Often entrepreneurs are unsure whether they should invest in a franchise (Subway, Super Cuts, Cinnabon, Midas Muffler, etc.), or start their own business from scratch.  Each alternatives has its advantages and disadvantages.  Charles Internicola, of the Internicola Law Firm in Staten Island, New York, recently wrote a brief but very helpful blog post comparing the two options. […]

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