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Employment Matters

No one has to remind you that having the right employees is critical to the success of your business, whether you are a startup or a mature business. Hiring employees can be a lengthy process, and you want to bring in the right people, because having to terminate an employee and then start the process over is expensive and a distraction to your business. And when an employee departs your company, you want to have measures in place to ensure that he or she can’t harm your business.

Having employees raises a number of legal and administrative issues, which we can help with, including:

  • Employment agreements and offer letters
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Non-competition and non-solicitation agreements
  • Assignments of inventions and intellectual property
  • Employee policies, including social media, privacy, and drug/alcohol
  • Employee handbooks

We can also counsel you and your managers on issues such as discrimination, termination, and sexual and other harassment claims. If a claim turns into a lawsuit, we are able to refer you to outstanding employment litigators who can defend your company against employment suits.

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