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“Legal Solutions To Support The Success Of Your Business”

“Legal Solutions To Support The Success Of Your Business”


Every Business Needs a Business Lawyer.

  • Are you starting a company?
  • Do you have customers or clients?
  • Vendors and suppliers?
  • Do you deal with contracts?
  • Are you worried about hacking and cybersecurity?
  • Do you have employees?
  • Do you own your business with others?
  • Do you have shareholders?
  • Is your business regulated by local, state, or federal government?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you need a business lawyer.

Specializing in Small to Medium-sized Businesses.

Spitz Legal Counsel LLC serves established businesses and entrepreneurs in organizing, maintaining, protecting, and growing their ventures.

As your business lawyer, we provide cost-effective legal solutions for entrepreneurs, startups, family-owned companies and other small and medium-sized businesses. We also act as fractional general counsel to support the success of businesses and startups with an affordable model.

We advise companies on how to improve their cybersecurity and lower the risk of getting hacked.

Our overriding goal is to build meaningful relationships with clients, based on trust, confidence, value, and quality.

Practice Areas

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 Legal Solutions To Support The Success Of Your Business. We Offer A Free Consultation.